Monday, June 29, 2009

Nominations open for MN Junior Chamber 2009 "Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans" Awards

The Junior Chamber's "Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans" (TOYM) program is Minnesota’s only statewide recognition program for outstanding young leaders. The program acknowledges the efforts of young leaders that have contributed to the state through service, thought and influence, community involvement, entrepreneurship, and more. Since 1950, the TOYM program has recognized the leadership of over 400 young people across the state. Past awardees have included such public figures and community leaders as Walter Mondale, Marlene Johnson, Dave Winfield, Tim Penny, Paul Douglas, Matt Blair, Wheelock Whitney, Joe Senser, and Martin Sabo.

Nominees are selected on the basis of their achievement in any 3 of the following areas:
1. Personal improvement
2. Financial success or economic innovation
3. Social improvement or major contemporary issues
4. Philanthropic contribution or voluntary service
5. Politics or governmental service
6. Scientific or technological contribution
7. Legal reform
8. Cultural achievement (to include literature, history, education or all arts)
9. Academic leadership
10. Athletic accomplishment
11. Moral and religious leadership
12. Success in the influence of public opinion (news media and other means)

The deadline to nominate a Minnesota leader between the ages of 18-40 is July 15, 2009. Nominees need not be a member of the Junior Chamber. To learn more and/or to submit a nomination, visit the MN Jaycees' online.

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